About Us

We are a husband and wife team who have been dealing in antiques for more than 30 years, this web site artsandcraftantiques.co.uk is our on line presence of our shop in Elm Hill, Norwich.

Our mutual love of art and good design, particularly from the 20th century has kept us fascinated and inspired to keep searching and researching quality pieces to sell in our shop and now online.

For the last 16 years we have been trading from our shop, Antiques and Interiors, which is situated on a unique medieval street called Elm Hill in the heart of the Norwich Cathedral Quarter. Elm Hill boasts a fine cobbled street with many specialist independent businesses all gathered together, making it a very interesting place to visit.

Since opening our first shop back in the 1970s, we have built up a good reputation for only dealing in quality pieces. We have tended to specialize in designs from the inter-war period when there was a great flourishing of the applied arts in Britain.

Our stock is constantly changing and includes many designer pieces such as Ambrose Heals, Stanley Webb Davies, Peter Waals, Stickley Brothers, Betty Joel of the Token Works and Harry and Lou Epstein.
We always have a good selection of woodcut prints, some fine Jappanese examples and also many of the early 20th century Australian-born artist John Hall Thorpe, which beautifully compliments the solid quality limed oak furniture of the period.

We are always looking for good quality, British’s made pieces of furniture from quality retailers of the 20th century such as Liberty, Heal’s & son, George Walton and the Welsh work shop of Brynmawr.


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